Coupon City

Coupon City is the premier application for
offering coupons to your customers.

Best of all? Its FREE!

Why use CouponCity?

CouponCity is the best way to run a coupon campaign by your rules.

We’ve built it to be simple to use for both you and your customers.

Coupon City integrates seamlessly into your Facebook Page to get people sharing and talking about your deal and your business.

Best of all? Its 100% free!

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So, how does it work?

CouponCity works by installing an application on your business' Facebook Page.

This application shows customers all of the coupons you've made available to them.

You create the coupons and have 100% control over content, discount amount, expiration date, amount distributed, etc.

When a customer generates a coupon, they're given a 7 character code, unique to that one customer.

At the time of purchase, you enter the code into CouponCity to redeem it!

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The price is right!

CouponCity is 100% free for life! So, why wouldn't you try it?

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